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Is The Tin Box Easy To Rust?
Oct 24, 2018

Tin box is generally not easy to rust, but the inside of the iron box is damp or is placed in the damp place is easy to rust, there is the outside of the coating is damaged to appear rusty condition. The material of the iron box is tin-plated thin steel plate, because the metal of iron and tin is different, two kinds of metals in natural conditions prone to oxidation reaction, resulting in corrosion rust metal. And do a good job of the iron box packaging, basically do not need to worry about this problem, because before the Iron box molding, will be anti-rust treatment of tinplate, one is printing plus varnish, both beautify the iron box, and the use of printing ink and the surface of the varnish, the iron material is double-layered protection treatment; The other is the iron box, not

Both methods are well insulated from contact with moisture in the air, which slows down the oxidation rate of the iron material.

So, how can we let the Steet iron box from the Rusty "fate"?

First of all, we do not put the iron box in the humid environment, at the same time to take lightly handle the iron box, to avoid damaging the surface of the iron box paint printing.

Secondly, we can use home furniture wax, shoe polish, floor wax, wipe the iron box, repeat every interval for a period of time. Finally, we can apply an antirust paint or metal curing agent on the surface of the iron box, which can effectively avoid the direct contact between the tinplate and air.

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