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Analysis Of The Prospect Of Iron Box Packaging
Oct 24, 2018

First of all, from the domestic market, China has a population of 1.3 billion, it should now reach 1.4 billion people, the face of such a huge consumer groups, how can the Iron box packaging without market it!

Small series always joked with colleagues: "We have so many people in China, a person to buy an iron box, there are 1.3 billion iron box, not to mention in our normal life, we use the iron box is not only a two." Secondly, from the foreign market, some crooked nuts also prefer to use iron box packaging products, some foreign customers with iron boxes packaging hair gel, packaging candy, packaging cigarettes, that is, cigarette iron box. In fact, there are many foreign iron box processing plants, but the high price of foreign labor.

Therefore, many of the high cost of iron boxes, prices are rising, so many foreign customers to the domestic collection of iron box. Then, now a lot of food needs iron box packaging, iron box packaging can prevent external factors damage, can maintain the quality of food itself, convenient food consumption. and the box packaging is recognized by the world as "safe and environmentally friendly products."

The tinplate material used in iron box packaging has good non-penetration and opacity, which can effectively prevent food from being oxidized by light, so it has the characteristics of safety, hygiene and health. More importantly, the Iron box packaging meets the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection. General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed that we want Jinshan Yinshan, but also to green water Aoyama, ning to green hills, not Jinshan Yinshan. Iron box can be recycled, in line with the state-advocated energy saving and environmental protection requirements. In addition, if the iron box is placed in the natural environment, after 6 years of natural oxidation, into the soil.

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