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Where is the advantage of tea tin packaging?
Oct 24, 2018

We found that many of the merchandise in the shopping malls are packaged using iron boxes, including tea iron cans are also, the tea is a lot of these years using iron cans to carry out packaging, this kind of tea has a good storage function, like tea people are also aware of this, but about the advantages of tea tin packaging where?

Below tea iron can factory for everyone to introduce. Good sealing: The barrier of tea tin containers to air and other volatile gases is very important for the preservation of nutrient components and sensory quality. Comparison of various fruit juice packaging containers proved that the oxygen transmittance of the container directly affects the browning of the fruit juice and the storage of vitamin C, the low oxygen transmittance of the metal cans, glass bottles and aluminum foil plastic laminates, cartons for vitamin C storage is better, in which the best tea tin cans.

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