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What are the benefits of packaging for wine in iron box?
Oct 24, 2018

1, Wine horse mouth iron box packaging one-time anti-counterfeiting function is other packaging can not be replaced, intangible in the product to improve the quality.

2, Wine horse mouth iron box packaging because the iron box is strong and good sealing performance, it is well protected products, so that the product is not easy to deform, do not deteriorate.

3, Wine iron box packaging opaque, non-breathable, is his very big advantage, in the beverage cans, white wine box, milk powder can be very good to see the effect.

4, the Horse mouth Iron box packaging is made of tinplate, so can be recycled iron, multiple use, very conducive to environmental protection. The color of the mouth iron box in the sale of goods occupies a very primary position, consumers see the first impression of the product is from the iron cans packaging, fine iron cans plus comfortable color blending, looks like people feel very comfortable. From the perspective of mind, the degree of human touch, vision accounted for 87%, auditory, olfactory, tactile, taste four of the 13%. It's seeing is believing.

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