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Three principles to be followed in the design of tea tin cans
Oct 24, 2018

Tea has become a Chinese interest, and over the years, tea in China is more and more popular, and even people are used as gifts to give others, therefore, packaging is relatively important, tea iron can is currently used by merchants more than a form of packaging, although said the advantages of iron cans packaging tea.

But in the design of iron can also need to be very fastidious, to different identities of people, we can choose different cans packaging, in short, tea tin design to follow the three principles, below we together to understand the following: With the growing expansion of the tea consumption market, more diversified packaging will emerge. Tea has long been recorded in Chinese history, because it has a history of tea more than other drinks, and the planning of tea packaging is more than the process of understanding other products. In the tea tin planning, the need to pay attention to the following aspects: 1, anti-oxidation. The oxygen content in the tea iron can be controlled under 1%, and oxygen will cause oxidation and metamorphosis of some components in tea. For example, anti-bad blood simple oxidation into deoxidation ascorbic acid, and further with the amino acid combination attack pigment echo, make tea taste change. 2, moisture-proof. Water content in tea should not exceed 5%, long time to save 3% is good. Otherwise, the anti-Bad blood in tea is simple differentiation, tea color, fragrance, taste and so will attack change, especially at a higher temperature, the speed of metamorphosis will accelerate. Therefore, the tea tin can be particularly attention to moisture treatment. 3, fresh-keeping technology is the key. Although the tea is dull food, its storage performance is much better than living products, but it is also a volatile food, storage method is slightly inappropriate, will be in a very short period of time to lose flavor. Regardless of the choice of packaging materials, it is necessary to have moisture, absolute gas, shading effect.

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