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The use of iron box to make stationery has what advantages?
Oct 24, 2018

Remember before school, every new semester is very happy, lead the new, but also exudes the ink fragrance of the book, and then go to the stationery shop to buy some stationery, look at the new learning equipment, really have a fresh start of the feeling, we all know, the box is a lot of the use of horse mouth iron boxes to make, then what role?

Let's take a look at the following: Stationery box that can be said to be a treasure chest can put some small things, you can put some important bills in, do not worry about and stuffed everywhere. The choice of stationery can be varied, the material has plastic, wood, and cloth, modelling is also various, wide and long. But the more common is the horse mouth iron box stationery, which is the horse mouth iron box stationery. Tinplate pencil case in China has a long history, small series of fathers that generation, school has begun to use iron stationery. Then why the horse mouth Iron box is popular among students, can be enduring in the trend? Small series think, one is because tinplate is not easy to deform, damage, very practical. and tinplate pencil case anti-fall, anti-deformation. Second, because of its bright color printing, beautiful patterns, and diverse, students can choose to suit their own heart of the Pencil box. Third, because relative to other materials, the horse mouth iron box has a closed, moisture-proof characteristics, can effectively protect stationery.

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