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Tell me about the graphic design of the Iron box
Oct 24, 2018

Each product needs the Iron box packaging design is not the same, the Iron box manufacturers in the design of the iron box in accordance with the design of the product, Iron box shelf visual effect, in addition to the metal texture of tinplate, more lies in the visual impact of beautiful printing patterns. So a good graphic design will be the entire development of the iron box is the most serious. At present, most foreign customers will choose a professional design company to design, and some domestic companies.

At the same time, in recent years, some companies have set up their own design team in order to better and faster update product design. Easily damaged products need iron box packaging, iron box packaging can give the product good protection, so in the protection of products this aspect of the iron box is outright. Iron box manufacturers say high-priced product selection bag packaging Comparison of more, we use iron box in the price of products can make the product prices a little higher, because the use of iron box to product packaging can improve the quality of products, so we can set the price when the higher point. So the general Iron box packaging is relatively high-grade high-priced things. We choose the box when the first clear their own needs, iron box manufacturers said if the product is relatively fragile, iron box is undoubtedly the best choice, because the material problem, the protection of the Iron box is very good. Especially in the long-distance transport, we use the iron box in the transportation of the words will not have any problems, the iron box manufacturers said that because the protective of the iron box, so in the transport of time there is not so many problems to consider. The surface of the iron box should reflect the pattern, text, Mark and bar code of the main body of the iron box. Food Iron Box printing surface is not greater than 0.3mm*20mm, not exposed to the marks of iron scratches. Iron box manufacturers said that the iron box in addition to the main visual surface, such as the back, side, bottom, inner surface and other surfaces to meet the standard. The above three points can only determine whether the iron box can meet the standard of an important means of judgment. So the merchant in the purchase time still need to pay attention to.

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