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Talking about the function of the iron box and the production process
Oct 24, 2018

Tinplate material can be very good to prevent corrosion and rust role, with corrosive, non-toxic, high strength, ductility good features, so the horse mouth iron box will become today a lot of industry products packaging means, the product has a good protection, can let the product is not damaged by the outside world, its production process is how?

Let's take a look at the following: Horse Mouth iron box function: The use of tinplate materials made of packaging containers with strong strength, good rigidity, not easy to break the function of good barrier, gas resistance, moisture resistance, shading and sealing good, can be good to protect the contents of iron cans. Horse Mouth iron box production process generally includes: iron material collar-arrow bed-stamping-assembly-packaging-warehousing-shipping. Then the specific is: 1, finished iron cans, 2, drawing the material size drawing, 3, the opening of the size of drawings to customers to do the design, 4, customer design drawings, 5, out of the film paper, 6, the customer confirmed the tin model, 7, typesetting and printing, 8, determine the color style, 9, automatic stamping. 10, Horse mouth iron box packaging. Tinplate application is very extensive, it can be used as food and beverage packaging box, can also be used as grease cans, chemical cans and other miscellaneous cans, tinplate has many advantages, tinplate can ensure the safety and health of food, the possibility of breeding germs to minimize, effectively prevent health hazards. And the vitamin C in food will be a lot of disadvantage after exposure to the pipeline, and the horse mouth iron can effectively save the light of vitamin C. In addition, it has another advantage, that is, environmental protection tinplate recyclable, in line with international environmental requirements, in line with future product packaging trends. Horse mouth iron box in the production process, can be customer demand from the printing, a beautifully designed printing, more to highlight the product grade. In addition, the horse mouth iron box can make concave and convex carving, and the guest's logo highlighted, these are not in the box. With this kind of horse mouth iron box packaging products, highlighting the high-end atmosphere on the grade, gift more face.

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