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How to judge a good quality tin box?
Oct 24, 2018

More and more enterprises began to use the horse mouth iron box as a product packaging materials, so the iron box in people's lives appear more and more common, but also caused people's attention, the characteristics of the iron box are what? How do we judge a good-quality horse-mouth iron box?

The following small series of people together to understand: High-quality horse mouth iron box surface is relatively smooth and clean, no impurities, no foreign bodies, and with hand touch has a smooth texture, horse mouth iron box printing, surface mesh clear, hierarchical, clean layout, clear text, no deformation, no overprinter, no scratches, no ink burns, no impurities and so on. Horse mouth iron box should not be stamped on the surface of the oil stains left, no impurities in the iron box, foreign bodies, in order to prevent two scratches, every iron box should be packed with PP plastic bags. Effective to ensure the quality of the iron box. Iron box in the production, should be strictly in accordance with the steps of stamping production, the completion of production, the iron box surface should be complete, no rust and abrasions, smooth surface. The elder is smooth, beautiful, with no openings, and large collapse edge phenomenon. Horse Mouth Iron Box packaging is easy to carry hard to break. Modern urban women's life rhythm more and more fast, many women will work on the road to make up, and women often need makeup. So carrying cosmetics is a habit for many women. Research shows that women use cosmetics more often than at home. So easy-to-carry and hard-to-break cosmetics are very important for time-critical white-collar workers.

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