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How to distinguish the quality of the iron box is good or bad?
Oct 24, 2018

In our life often meet with iron box, such as Moon cakes Iron box, biscuit iron box, candy iron box, tea iron box, etc., we usually buy things will often pay attention to the goods inside the box, sometimes may not care about the quality of the iron box itself, but the quality of the iron box can better protect the quality of food. So how to distinguish the quality of the iron box is good or bad?

1. See if the Iron box is off the paint color, the outer surface of the iron box is printed with ink, printing is divided into spot-color printing and four-color printing. Good ink for printing, so it is not easy to lose during transportation

2. The iron box is resistant to corrosion. Good quality iron box is the use of high-quality tinplate as raw materials, tinplate is coated with a layer of tin iron, so in 35 During the year, the Iron box is exposed to the air and does not rust. and inferior iron box because of jerry-building and other reasons, tin plating less, in the air very easy to rust.

3. The sealing of the iron box is good, some iron box in the production process, due to process errors or other problems, resulting in the iron box tightness is not strict.

The Iron box if used to package food, is affecting the shelf life of food.

4. Whether the Iron box after quality inspection, iron box to go through quality inspection staff to the warehouse, on the one hand is to check if the Iron box is damaged, on the other hand is the inspection Check whether to meet national safety standards, especially food, health products iron box.

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