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Discover the unique properties of the box packaging
Oct 24, 2018

The metal packaging has good aesthetics. Its own metal luster, coupled with the color of the graphic printing, but also added the beauty of the goods, so that the packaging level is high, consumers in giving gifts, often choose to use the iron box of the horse mouth packaging products. Performance: 

First, material layer it is the surface of the design culture, mainly refers to the material carrier which contains the design cultural elements, it has the characteristics of material, foundation and variability. such as a variety of horse mouth Iron box Packaging design Department and the box packaging design products, exchange of goods and consumers in the use of iron box packaging products, such as consumer behavior.

Organizational layer This is the middle level of design culture, but also the materialization of the inner layer of design culture. It has strong period and continuity: mainly includes the relationship between the elements of the harmonic design system, the standard design behavior and the identification, correction design of the organization system. Horse Mouth Iron box packaging design culture compared to advanced countries have their own corresponding relatively intact organizational system.

Third, the idea layer it is a kind of cultural psychology state, so can also think is the design culture understanding layer. It is in the center and the dominant position, is the design system each element all activity foundation and the basis. The development of science and technology, the progress of consumption power and the progress of culture, bring about the impact of the Steet packaging design culture, it is a very stable part of the design culture structure, is also the soul of the design culture, it exists in the human heart, and carry out changes, will be directly or indirectly in the organizational system layer to get performance. And by the rules of the development and law, to absorb, transform or crowd out heterogeneous cultural elements, about the development of design culture trend.

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